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Thursday February 7 2013
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Phil Squat
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Nick 2013-02-06
I've been following these workouts for the last two weeks and have loved it. Thanks Greg for this free service. I have a question for any of you. I have been feeling especially strained (no injury, but just worn out) in shoulders and side of my arm just above my elbow (side of bicep). Are these things that will go away as supporting structures get used to the program? I came from a CrossFit Football type program (Lift + 5-12 minute conditioning). Thanks anyone.
Nathan 2013-02-07
Today I realized my jerk bnk is far less superior than my regular jerk. Could this be considered a problem?

Steve Pan 2013-02-07
Nathan -

Most people will jerk more from behind the neck as they don't have to clear the face and get the bar right over the neck.
Nathan 2013-02-07
So is there something I need to work on since I can not?
Steve Pan 2013-02-07
Sorry I read that wrong the first time. Keep working on the bnk jerks and you should improve as you gain more confidence in the exercise.
Gabe 2013-02-07
Any input on how long the daily squats will last through this cycle? The entire 12 weeks or taper off? Just curious...
Greg Everett 2013-02-07
There will be times when the frequency is reduced.
Greg Everett 2013-02-07
You'll get conditioned to the workload as long as you stay healthy as you're adapting. If you need to reduce the volume of the offending exercise(s), do that until it improves, then reintroduce the full volume gradually.
Jason 2013-02-08
for workouts like push press and hang clean (the work loads with no prescribed % of m.e.) am I safe to assume that it is usually performed at maybe 60% starting and weight added as felt necessary? For instance. todays push press: my max pp is 205, I did the workout starting with 135, with small increases each set (5lbs, 10lbs, etc).

I'm new to the programming should I be keeping track of all this weight to work into the future of the 12 weeks or will it get to a point where the %'s are prescribed.

just curious thanks!
Steve Pan 2013-02-08
Jason -

You want to work up to as heavy as possible without missing. This week you would like to attempt weights heavier than last week as long as you can make them. I would suggest keeping track of your numbers so you can adjust from week to week or see what you did in previous workouts for comparison.
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