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Saturday February 9 2013
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Alyssa Snatch
  • Front Squat - heavy single
  • Snatch - heavy single
  • Clean & Jerk - heavy single
  • Back Squat - heavy single
  • Pause Back Squat - 4 x 3
  • Good Morning - 3 x 5

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Steve R 2013-02-09
I love this cycle! My O lifts are staying solid, but my squats are going completely bullshit. I have been stuck at 300 Front Squat and 355 Back squat for over a year. I've shattered both in the last two weeks.

FSqt - 330 lb, 5lb PR
SN - 205 lb, No PR but solid for me
C&J - 255 lb, No PR but solid for me
BSqt - 385 lb, 20 lb PR!!!

Love it!
Peter 2013-02-10
Hi I apologise if i seem ignorant and if the answer I seek is already on the website, but I have trained crossfit and wanted to work on a programme which implimented more weightlifting and came across your site.
When reading it says heavy singles, am i simply warming up and doing one rep with a weight? How exactly does it work. Thank you. peter
Steve Pan 2013-02-11
Peter -

You will warm up and work your way up to the heaviest you can do for a given day. Check the Program Help link at the right for more information.

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