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Monday February 11 2013
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Jessica Jerk
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Paula 2014-02-12
Hi, may i know what OTM means?

Steve Pan 2014-02-12
OTM = On The Minute
George 2014-05-14
On the OTM, when you say 1 x 5, do you mean 5 sets of one or one set of 5? Thanks
Steve Pan 2014-05-15
George it will be 1 rep on the minute for 5 sets.
Jack 2015-07-27
Hi, I am currently on Day 22 and very satisfied with PRs in both my front and back squats, as well as my snatch. However, I am curious as to whether my strategy of hitting ~90% on my heavy singles is not leaving enough room for progress. Should I be trying to increase those numbers in a linear fashion, or just doing what feels acceptable for that session? Also, as this is my first time doing snatch and clean pulls, is it important that I use 100%+ for these exercises? I have been using ~105% and it seems that I have a difficult time maintaining my form. Would the exercise cease to benefit me if I using something more conservative, such as 90-100%? Sorry about all of the percentages but it seemed the best way to display the numbers used in training. Feedback, if any, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Steve Pan 2015-07-28
Jack -

You will have to feel out appropriate weights for the rep ranges. For the HS you want to go to the best you can do for the day. Sometimes that will be 90% and sometimes it will be more. You will have to make a judgment call each time on going up if you feel good. I would recommend a weight that you can move with the correct form for the pulls. Position and posture are more important than just moving a heavy weight. Try to increase the weight on the pulls each week but don't push it to weights where you completely break down.
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