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Tuesday February 12 2013
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Alyssa Clean
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David 2013-02-12
Hi Catalyst
First thank you for posting a online workout for us to follow at home. I have been following your blogs and videos for a while, but have recently decided to follow your programing also.

Today's workout (hang snatch, and power C+J) does not have a prescribed percentage. Should I go by feel, or is this heavy as possible, linear progression?


David (new guy)
Steve Pan 2013-02-12
David -

Work up to the best 2 you can do. If you do less than 5 sets to get there, you can take a few back off sets to finish.
Byron 2013-02-12
How long are these workouts supposed to take? It seems like they are taking forever to complete all as prescribed with sufficient rest. Is it normal to go 1 1/2 hours plus for some of these? Sorry I'm fairly new to o-lifting
Steve R 2013-02-12
Holy beat down yesterday. I'm hurting today.
Steve Pan 2013-02-13
Byron -

90 minutes - 120 minutes is about how long they will go. Try to keep a good pace through the workouts and you should be okay.

Steve -

More ice bath and steak!
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