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Wednesday February 27 2013
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Audra Jerk
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jason 2013-02-27
just wanted to comment, having a good training experience so far. My first workout after the back off week I felt great and (accidently) pr'd on my snatch and front squat. 10 lbs prs on both...should I avoid the urge to PR during training sessions. I know a heavy single doesnt mean max effort, but I was feeling very good, and hit both pr's very well (1st attempts). I kept myself from pushing the envelope.
Greg Everett 2013-03-04
PR when you can! Never hold back if you feel good for a PR - that's the whole point.
Geoff 2014-06-20
Clean DL to knee + DL knee to hip + Clean Pull 5 x 2+2+1
just to clarify:
i will to 2 Clean DL up to my knee then put the bar back to the floor

How should i do the next? DL knee to hip? put the bar back first to the floor or hold the bar for (how many seconds) then proceed to DL to the hip. then lower the bar back up to the knee then DL again back to the hip.

after which put the bar back to the floor then do clean pulls right?

Steve Pan 2014-06-20
Put the bar back on the floor after each rep. 2 DL to the knee, 2 to the hip, 1 clean pull, all from the floor.
Geoff 2014-06-29
thanks steve. so the meaning of DL Knee to Hip is DL from the FLOOR to the hip? (2 reps)
not from the knees? thanks
Steve Pan 2014-07-01
Geoff -


DL Knee to Hip means knee to hip. Hold the bar at your knees, then deadlift it to the hip, and lower it back to the knee and repeat.
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