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Thursday February 28 2013
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Jessica Back Squat
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Mac 2013-02-27
So.... What's happening with the Jerks?
Steve Pan 2013-02-27
Mac -

You will do a set of 3, then take the weight up for a set of 2, then up again for a single. You will repeat the process again for 2 more sets and try to work up to the heaviest single you can.
Mac 2013-02-28
Thanks, should me sets of 3 get heavier as well, and she and of my triples or doubles be heavier than my first single?
Mac 2013-02-28
Thanks, should my** sets of 3 get heavier as well, and should** any** of my triples or doubles be heavier than my first single?

Steve Pan 2013-02-28
Mac -

If you feel good you can take those doubles and triples up each set as well. You will have to be the judge and try to make good lifts as you progress through the sets.
Robert Rosado 2013-02-28
I know HS means working to a Heavy Single but is it ok if you PR?
Steve Pan 2013-02-28
Robert -

It is okay to PR in these cycles during heavy singles.
Paul 2014-07-13
clarification for the jerks (if i understand correctly)
I will need to do,
1st wave - 3 reps then 2 reps then 1 rep (3 sets total)

2nd wave - 3, 2, 1 (3 sets total)

3rd wave - 3, 2, 1 (3 sets total)

total of 9 sets?

Increase the weight in the doubles or triples also? or just increase the singles after every wave to conserve energy?
Steve Pan 2014-07-14
Paul -

9 sets total. Each wave you will try to increase the weight a bit even if by 1 kilo (for the 2s and 3s as well).
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