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Monday March 11 2013
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Jessica Block Clean
  • Front Squat - heavy single
  • Snatch - heavy single; 3 x 1
  • Snatch DL to knee + DL knee to hip + Snatch Pull - 4 x 2+2+1
  • Back Squat - heavy single; 3 x 3
  • Good Morning - 3 x 5
Avoid failure on HS squats; back-offs by feel as heavy as possible for Rxed reps/sets
Select weights by feel. Up to a working weight across all Rxed sets, or up to AHAP and back off to hit all sets
No sitting down during workout

Week 7 of 12

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Dustin 2013-03-10
I looked in the FAQ section and I still confused for the number of reps to perform of the complex. The way I understand it is 1 rep of the complex is 2 snatch DL to the knee + 2 DL knee to hip + 1 Snatch Pull. I do that 4 times (a total of 8 snatch DL to the knee, 8 DL knee to Hip, and 4 Snatch pulls) then I'm done with that exercise and move on to Back squat in this case. Is that understanding correct?
Steven 2013-03-11
Yes you got it. I assume you are resting between sets (2+2+1, rest, repeat.)
Dustin 2013-03-11
Thanks Steve. I hadn't been resting betwen complexes - I was treating each complex as a single rep and doing 4 of them straight through. I'll start using your clarification, though.
Steve Pan 2013-03-11
Steven is correct. There will be 4 individual sets of the complex with rest.

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