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Tuesday April 9 2013
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Jessica Block Clean
  • Technique Work of Choice
  • Power Snatch - 60%x2, 65%x2, 70% x 1 x 8
  • Power Clean + Power Jerk - 60% x (1+1), 65% x (1+1), 70% x (1+1) x 8
3 sets; no rest:
12 Pull Ups
15 DB Press

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Steve 2013-04-09
what's a popular "technique work of choice" around here?
Tyler 2013-04-09
I added did some first pull work before the PS and PC respectively. Don't know if that's what was meant or not.
Sean 2014-06-20
Can you give examples on technique work/exercises that you do?

thanks guys!
Steve Pan 2014-06-20
You can choose exercises that will help you with the portions of the lifts you are having trouble with. Segment pulls, halting deadlifts, snatch balances, OHS, tall snatches/cleans, would all be good examples of things you can work on.

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