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Monday April 29 2013
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Alyssa Jerk
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Chad L 2013-04-25
on the 4 count for the snatches, do they all have to be from the ground or can we hit the first one from the ground and the rest from the hang?
Steve Pan 2013-04-26
Chad -

You should take all 4 snatches from the ground.
Jens Andreas Schmidt 2013-04-28
Is the press 4 sets of 5 reps, or 5 sets of 4?
A Masters Journey in Weightlifting 2013-04-28
Is Alyssa's second name really "Jerk" ;-)
FFT 2013-04-28
How did Chad L see this posted on 4-25-13?
Chad L 2013-04-28
Just used training by date filter
JC 2013-04-28
What does this training cycle emphasize?
Steve 2013-04-28
For snatch DL, is that 85% of 1RM snatch or snatch Deadlift?
Steve Pan 2013-04-30
85% of your snatch. Focus on good positions on the way up.
Steve Pan 2013-04-30
Journey -

The text is describing what Alyssa is doing which is a jerk.
Steve Pan 2013-04-30
Jens -

It is 4 sets of 5 reps when there is no prescribed weight.
A Masters Journey in Weightlifting 2013-04-30
Hey Steve
that was my poor attempt at a joke, lol.
I wish I checked this before I did the work out, I struggled with the Sn. D/l @ 130kg.......using % of Snatch makes much more sense now.
Would that apply to all sn. d/l
cheers pal
Greg P 2013-07-26
Can you clarify what (3+1) means on the clean & jerk rep scheme?

Also, does 75% x 4 x 3 mean perform 4 reps at 75%, rest and then 3 reps at same weight?

Thanks - looking fwd to diving into this program.
Steve Pan 2013-07-31
3+1 would be 3 cleans and 1 jerk.

75%x4x3 would be 3 sets of 4 reps at 75%.

Check the Program Help section at the right for information on the notation.
Justin 2013-08-31
Hi. I just started this program (love it) but not sure if I was doing this correct. For the Back Squat - 60%x4, 70%x4, 75% x 4 x 3. Does this mean do 1 set x4 @ 60%, rest then do 1 set @ 70%, rest and 1 set @ 75%, rest then start over @ 60%? Or is it 3 sets @60 for 4 reps, 3 sets @ 70% etc.Or do I just do 3 sets of the 75%?
Steve Pan 2013-09-03
Justin -

That will be a set of 4 at 60%, a set of 4 at 70% and 3 sets of 4 at 75%. Rest between each set.
Dan 2013-12-19
How does the rep sceme work. Does 3x4 mean 3 sets of 4. And for squats is it a % of your squat max or c/j max?
Steve Pan 2013-12-19
Dan -

Check the Program Help section to the right for information on the notation.

The squat percentages will come from your max squat.
jimmy 2014-09-14
What weight should the press be?
Steve Pan 2014-09-15
You will have to feel out a weight that is appropriate for that rep range.
Morgan Burk 2015-11-07
Thanks for allowing us to get a program like this for FREE!!! Super stoked to try it out. However, should the lifts be performed in the order they are given, or can we switch them up?
We recommend doing them in the order listed.

Steve Pan
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