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Tuesday April 30 2013
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Jessica Jerk
  • Back Squat - 60%x3, 70%x3, 80% x 3 x 2
  • Power Snatch - 60%x4, 65%x4, 70% x 2 x 3
  • Power Clean + Jerk - 60% x (4+1), 65% x (4+1), 70% x (2+1) x 3
  • Clean Deadlift - 80% x 5 x 4
3 sets; no rest:
15 Pull Ups
20 KB Swings

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Brian W 2013-04-30
After this year's CF Open I decided this year I need to improve my Olys.. so here I am at the home of one of the best in the biz. Thank you for providing this service to athlete's like me.

I have already done today's workout, but I have a couple of questions if someone has time...

1. The Clean Deadlift.. is that 80% of your Clean Weight or of your Deadlift Weight? I assumed Clean Weight.

2. I am new to this cycle thing... Does each new training cycle have a different goal or is it generally always just to increase your lifts? Does this cycle have a goal? What is week 0? Is that just a week off between cycles?
Chad L 2013-05-01
Jeez coach! All this high volume feels like a friggin' CF workout you sick SOB!

John 2013-05-02
In response to Brian W: Can you clean your deadlift weight? I doubt that..should be a pretty obvious answer...its 80% of your clean weight.
Brian W 2013-05-02
Thanks John. I certainly cannot clean my deadlift weight. I will research a little better before posting next time. (and try to use a little common sense)

This goes the same for my cycle question.. I have been pouring over everything I can to try and answer my own question.

The only thing I have not been able to find is a name/goal for this 9 week cycle. Did I miss this somewhere? I am willing to just follow it blindly because I know it is has a purpose and is planned by someone who knows their crap about this stuff.. just would be nice to know for myself so that I can talk/think a little more intelligently about what it is I am doing.

Regardless, thanks for the help.
Simon A 2013-10-15
In regards to the clean deadlift... This is surely a deadlift with clean grip. Therefore it would make more sense to be lifting 80% of your max deadlift.

80% of your max clean is a fairly easy weight to deadlift?
Steve Pan 2013-10-16
The exercise should be off of you clean. The main focus should be reinforcing and strengthening good pull positions.
roham c 2014-01-20
It is in fact the max of your deadlift in a clean position. If it was the max of your clean it would say (%of clean) similar to the RDL in 1st of may

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