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Wednesday May 1 2013
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Blake Power Snatch
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Rob 2014-01-03
What's RDL stand for??
Steve Pan 2014-01-06
RDL = Romanian Deadlift
Emil 2014-03-19
when it says "clean" do u have to do the squat clean or can i just do a power clean?
best reguards
Steve Pan 2014-03-19
Clean always implies a squat. The program will specify when to do a power or hang clean. Clean or snatch will always be a squat version of the lift.
Mia 2015-06-07
I find the weight percentages on the squat very low. On the 3 x 3 squat, I feel that I could go on for at least 8 repetitions per set with my 75% weight. Is my RM set too low, or is it supposed to be relatively easy on 75%?
Did a 1RM test just before starting this program, but perhaps I sat my level too low on the squat...
Greg Everett 2015-06-08

Your 1RM probably isn't totally accurate, but you also may be someone who is capable of higher reps at a given % of 1RM - usually when you're newer and/or haven't spent a lot of time training heavy singles. Adjust your squat weights up to make it bit more challenging for triples - try upping 5% and if that's still not quite enough, add a bit more.
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