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Monday May 6 2013
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Alyssa Jerk
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Adam Griffin 2013-05-06
Hey team - sorry for the noob question, but couldn't find the answer in the Program Help question. For press, since there's no weight prescription, are we just doing 4 sets at 5 reps of our choice of weight?
Brian W 2013-05-06
Hey Adam. I am not a member of the team but I am a newb and doing this program as well. The answer to your question is in the "Program Help" under the section "Loading/Set/Rep Prescriptions"

Here it is:

If a loading prescription is absent for a particular exercise, the athlete should choose the loading to approximate the heaviest possible for the prescribed sets and reps unless some other quality is prescribed. For conditioning workouts, attempt to select weights that allow you to perform the prescribed reps consecutively in at least the first set.

You did not happen to see a name/goal for this cycle anywhere did you? Maybe that is a dumb question but it just seemed like all of the other training cycles they have available have a name or a goal specified.
Adam Griffin 2013-05-06
Hey Brain - thanks for your help on that. Not sure how I overlooked it! I didn't see any info on this cycle. Just started the program today and am excited to dive in. Couple more questions you might know:
1. On snatch and c&j, is standard range of motion a full squat or power?
2. On the complexes (i.e. 3+1 c&j) are the reps touch and go, or can you reset on each rep?
Nick 2013-05-07
Ideally the reps would be completed as prescribed, but in some cases I have to rest between reps. An example would be snatches at 80%....I can't seem to link 3 together without dropping barbell, re-positioning feet and starting from the beginning every time. One of my goals is to be able to do this when the cyle is over. Wherever your fitness level puts you now is how you should decide this....no sense in hurting yourself just to try to do it "rx'd".

standard range of motion is full squat...which is why "power clean" or "power snatch" are specified each time they are required.
Steve Pan 2013-05-07
Nick is correct, it will be specified when they are power. Otherwise it will always be a full squat with snatches or cleans.

The reps should all be good with a solid starting position on each rep, so there is no "touch and go" with any of the reps.
Dustin 2015-07-26
Greg, what is the general warm-up that you prescribe for the athletes you train? Thanks for making all of these workouts and your wealth of information available for FREE. Thanks again.
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