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Wednesday May 8 2013
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Blake Jerk
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Mac 2013-05-07
801% x 3 x 21

Go home Front Squats, you're drunk
Steve Pan 2013-05-07
Sorry about that. It is fixed now.
Jens Andreas Schmidt 2013-05-07
You don't have to be sorry. I was looking forward to see how much weight i could put on the bar :D
Chad L 2013-05-08
Nice one Mac
Steve 2013-05-08
how many sets for 80% CJ?
Steve 2013-05-08
...I'm gonna assume 3 :)
Steve R 2013-05-08
How should doubles and triples be paced? I know reps should be touch-and-go but I'm finding the third snatch and the jerk quite difficult. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
Steve R 2013-05-08
Sorry should NOT be touch-and-go!
Steve Pan 2013-05-08
It should be 3 sets for the 80%.


Take a few seconds between reps to make sure you are making them and making them well. You want to try and do them close together but not at the detriment of good positions and good movement.
Brian W 2013-05-08
Steve R,

This is Steve Pan's comments on the workout from a couple of days ago:

"The reps should all be good with a solid starting position on each rep, so there is no "touch and go" with any of the reps."

So I have been assuming that the pacing should be based on how quickly you can get into a solid starting position and get a nice quality rep. No CF ludicrous speed here. My other assumption is that does not imply waiting just because I am fatigued. If I fail a rep, then I fail a rep. Waiting because I am fatigued is almost like breaking it up into more sets and would seem to defeat the point a little.

Maybe one of the experts here can confirm if I am correct or not.
Brian W 2013-05-08
Sorry.. Steve was quicker on the reply than I was.

He is the man to listen to anyway.
Steve R 2013-05-09
Thanks gents!

Brian, "No CF ludicrous speed here." - Made me spit coffee!
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