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Friday May 10 2013
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Alyssa Power Snatch
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Nick King 2013-05-10
Thank God.
Nick King 2013-05-10
Steve, I have a question. I've been at this program for the 2 weeks now, after a year and a half of crossfit. Prior to crossfit, I did some fairly serious strength training, although it wasn't Olympic style lifts. One thing I never did was the same muscle group (much less the same exercise) for days in a row....certainly not MULTIPLE days in a row. What's the idea with doing 4 days of heavy squats in a row, 4 days of heavy cleans in a row, etc...? It's just a little different than how i've approached strength training in the past.
Nick King is a Noob 2013-05-10
These are full body movements noob
Nick King 2013-05-10
lol, thank you for your answer. That was helpful. Thank God I feel no need to argue my point with you...oh wait, I didn't make a point, I asked a question. After re-reading your answer I realized it was not in fact helpful, but was rather an infantile, ignorant response to a FAIRLY humble question in the first place. Keep rocking life and making friends man!
Nikolas Cook 2013-05-10
Nick King: The volume is very very low, and these are the best exercises for progressing in the olympic lifts. In fact, Bulgarians max on the back squat 7 days a week with no adverse affects (granted they are taking massive amounts of steroids). But this program does not have you going especially heavy on squats every day. Although 85% seems high, it is not so high that you cannot recover before your next workout in 24 hrs. If you get enough sleep and eat enough food, there should be no risk of overtraining
Nick King 2013-05-10
Ok, thanks!
Steve Pan 2013-05-10
Nick -

Think of treating the training like a sport. You will use similar movements from day to day to get you to adapt to them. I believe that Bob Takano had said something along the lines of wanting squatting to be as natural and easy as walking. You walk every day to move around, in weightlifting you will have to squat every day to move the weights.

The volume is controlled to make sure you make progress and get stronger and condition your legs to squat frequently.
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