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Saturday May 11 2013
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Jessica Jerk
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Steve 2013-05-10
The clean high pull is 85% of what? If it's 85% of our max clean and jerk, there's no way I can high pull that weight! lol
Steve Pan 2013-05-10
Steve -

It is off of your best clean. Pull as high as you can and try to keep good positions, if you have to take the weight down a bit that should be okay.
Jeff 2013-05-12
What does the (1+1) mean in "60% x 2(1+1)"
Brian W 2013-05-12

Look under the Program Help menu. This is answered in detail in the "Loading/Set/Rep Prescriptions" section. As this is particular one is written I interpret it as 4 reps in the set... clean, jerk, clean, jerk
Jeff 2013-05-13
Brian W,
Thanks for the point out. I missed the help section on the side.

Steve Pan 2013-05-13
Jeff -

The 2(1+1) would be the one clean and one jerk and you would perform this sequence twice. If it was 2+2 you would do 2 cleans followed by 2 jerks.
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