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Tuesday May 14 2013
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Matt Jerk Behind the Neck
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austen 2013-05-13
for the power snatch+snatch push press+OHS, can you explain what %of full means?
kecks 2013-05-14
i guessyou take the percentages of your snatch? which will usually be higher than your power snatch 1 RM?!
Nick King 2013-05-14
Steve addressed this in another comment section. Read the program help tab first, it includes ALOT of information about how he words things and how the programs are set up.

Usually when a % is specified, it is % of THAT lift....so a power snatch at 60% is 60% of your power snatch max....but when it is specified "full" then the power snatch percentage is taken off your full (squat snatch) snatch max, which should be notably higher.
Steve Pan 2013-05-14
Austen -

Nick and Kecks are correct. Usually the percentage would be off of your best power snatch, for the power ones during this cycle you will take them off of your best full snatch.
austen 2013-05-14
thanks steve nick and kecks, i went off of my best 1RM full snatch.... and man did that workout suck haha

just recently found catalyst and i'm a huge fan. i got hooked on olympic style lifts a couple months ago and found this site while being obsessed and researching different videos and sites about olympic weightlifting and it's awesome

keep up the good work, and thanks for the badass workouts
Steve 2013-05-15
I love this program!
Josh 2013-09-24
Do we power or split Jerk in todays workout?
Steve Pan 2013-09-30
Split Jerk
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