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Saturday May 18 2013
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Jessica Power Jerk
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Steve 2013-05-18
Brutal week! Great stuff, as always, Greg! Keep em coming!
Jay 2013-05-19
Wow, amazing workout. How long would a session like this take?
Brian W 2013-05-19
Maybe I am doing it slow.. but it took me about 1hr 45min... not including the warmup :)
Nick King 2013-05-20
Took me right at and hour and a half or so.

1-2 min breaks between sets you're looking at 30-50 mins of just rest periods.
Brian W 2013-05-20
I am using at least 2 min breaks due to the Program Help suggesting 2-3 minutes and perhaps longer if Heavy Squats are involved. It does seem like too long of a rest at first but near the end of the workout I am wishing for more.

I love the volume.. the only issue I am struggling with is how to fuel during such workouts. I feel good about my pre and post workout fueling... but that whole middle hour I am just dropping bcaas with electrolytes (I sweat like a pig in my garage).
Steve Pan 2013-05-21
The workouts should take about 2 hours.
RM 2014-04-14
hi! my maxes are updated for the lifts but after completing all the exercises, I always fail to finish the last 2 sets of the saturday workout.[last week the Front Sq 85%x2, 80%x3. This week the Back Sq (80% x 5 x 2) ]
any tips? should i just lower the weight so i can finish the reqd sets and reps? (even though it will be just a lower percentage)

or should I first do the heaviest set and reps, 80% then 70% and lastly 60%? (i can do the sets in reverse order since i am already warmed up from the Pulls)

Steve Pan 2014-04-15
Try your best to finish the last sets. If you fail, move the weight down a bit and finish the last set.
nada 2014-07-11
can we split it into 2 sessions or does it have to be just one session? if i were to split it there would be 3-4 hours in between
Steve Pan 2014-07-14
Nada -

You may split it into 2 sessions if you are able to.
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