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Tuesday May 28 2013
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Jessica Jerk
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Nick King 2013-05-27
So this question may not belong on here, I'm not sure...but I was looking for examples of a power jerk (ok, yes, noob.) and watching some videos of Kendrick Farris and how when he does a jerk. He drops all the way down into a full overhead squat, even though he appears to have his elbows locked out well before he bottoms out. Is this just a style thing? or is there some benefit to this? Honestly it seems like it would make it alot harder...I certainly can't OHS my front squat.
Steve Pan 2013-05-27
Nick -

Kendrick's jerk would be considered a squat jerk. Power jerk should be stopped above parallel.

Squat jerk will definitely be more difficult as you will have to close grip OHS the same weight you just cleaned. You will need incredibly strong legs, and flexible shoulders to be successful with it.
Nick King 2013-05-27
Thank Steve.
Steve 2013-05-28
Are these percentages all based off our originally attempted 1RMs, thus making our poundages static for the entire cycle? Or are these %s based off our CURRENT (maybe estimated) 1RMs, thus making the poundages constantly vary throughout the cycle?
Steve Pan 2013-05-28
The percentages will be off of current 1RMs. You will only change the 1RM if you set a new PR during a day you do heavy singles.
Nick King 2013-05-28
The 4x4 clean pulls...I've found in the last few weeks that I get sloppy with these bc I have the mentality of "I don't have to catch this." Today, I did them as power cleans (my power clean started out larger than my squat clean because my front squat sucks....or sucked, it's getting better :) ) Anyhow, I did the 90% of squat clean, but I did power cleans instead of just clean pulls. This made me focus on pulling as explosively as possible because I was having to catch the bar at the top.
Is this an absolutely heinous deviation from the routine? should I just follow these workouts to the "t"?
Greg Everett 2013-05-28
Nick -

Stick to pulls and learn to do them right instead of just avoiding them.
Nick King 2013-05-29
okidokie, I'll work on it then.
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