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Saturday June 1 2013
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Brian Snatch High-Pull
  • Front Squat - 60%x4, 70%x4, 80%x4, 85% x 3 x 3
  • Snatch - 60%x4, 70%x4, 80% x 4 x 3
  • Clean & Jerk - 60% x (4+1), 70% x (4+1), 80% x (4+1) x 3
  • Push Press - 60%x4, 65%x4, 70%x4x3
  • Back Squat - 60%x3, 70%x3, 80%x3, 85% x 3 x 2

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Salty 2013-05-31
Greg just want to say thanks for all the workouts and training videos. My buddy turned me on to your site 8 months ago and It has definitely raised all my PR's through the roof. We are wrapping up a 8 month CENTCOM deployment and Oly Lifting and the programs I found on your site helped keep us sane.

Thanks Brother.
Brian K 2013-06-02
Thank you for the great site, very much appreciated!

To ensure that I am following the programming correctly is the intention of today's four cleans and one jerk to be done as quickly as possible between reps?

Thank you!

Clean & Jerk - 60% x (4+1), 70% x (4+1), 80% x (4+1) x 3
Nick King 2013-06-02
Rep schemes are explained fairly clearly in the "Program Help" section to the right.

You do 4 cleans, and on the 4th clean, you perform a jerk. It's not really "as quickly as possible", but it's all done as one set.
Greg Everett 2013-06-04
Salty -

Glad we could help. Stay safe.

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