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Thursday June 13 2013
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Audra Clean
  • Power Snatch - 60%x4, 65%x4, 70% x 4 x 3 (% of full)
  • Power Clean + Jerk - 60% x (4+1), 65% x (4+1), 70% x (4+1) x 3 (% of full)
  • Front Squat + Jerk - 70% x (2+2), 80% x (2+2) x 4
  • Front Squat - 85% x 3 x 4
  • Press - 4 x 4
3 sets; no rest:
50 Double
12 Pull Ups

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Max 2013-06-14
First time, occasional CrossFitter, more interested in getting larger/better Oly lifts than long, ridiculous Metcons.

Pretty sure I butchered this one, so question:
It's 3 sets, or 3 times through with 60% of 1RM, then 70%, etc, before moving to the next lift right?
Brian W 2013-06-14
Click the link titled "Program Help" on the right hand side. It explains everything quite clearly. I am not sure where you got the 3 sets from but the 60%x4 means 1 set of 4 at 60%.. the rest is all spelled out in the Program Help.

I am here to improve my Olys just like you. Just be aware, you may not get the most benefit jumping in here at the tail-end of a cycle. This is the final 2 weeks of a 9 week cycle.
Max 2013-06-15
Thanks Brian. I read through the Program Help, but probably just over-thought it. Yeah, I'm just kind of doing one or two a week until the next cycle starts. I really appreciate your help!
kecks 2013-06-17
there's a great starter program on here. just click on the bottom "starter program" on the right in the "training menu". only takes 4 weeks and imo well worth your time if you are coming from cf and the like.
Sri 2014-04-29
just to be sure
1. Power Clean + Jerk - means Jerk not Power Jerk?

2. Front Squat + Jerk - % to be used is based on Jerk max?

thanks guys!
Steve Pan 2014-04-29
1. Jerk will be split jerk unless otherwise specified.

2. % will be off of your jerk max.

JohnD 2014-08-28
Just to note that on the spreadsheet, the formula for the FS+Jerk is taken from the FS max, not the Jerk. It's a scary number!
CoryB 2015-03-27
John is correct. Did it yesterday and and couldn't hit the double on the jerk. Way too heavy.
AdamS 2015-06-04
Just following up on the point that John and Cory made....the spreadsheet calculates the FS+Jerk from the FS max, but that's way to heavy. Had to recalculate using my Jerk max after doing the first set at 70%....80% of FS wasn't going to happen.

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