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Saturday June 29 2013
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Jes Snatch
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Nick King 2013-06-29
I am disappoint.
Had to work 3rd this week...really screwed up my sleep cycle. Today my maxes are: Snatch: Even, Clean/Jerk: +45 lbs.

Managed a +10lb snatch about 3 weeks ago, but couldn't lock it out today. I'll give it another go next week.

Thanks for posting the program!
Brian W 2013-06-29
I had bad timing hit me too. After 8 weeks of 100% diligence, I missed the Tues. and Thurs. workouts due to work issues... plus my sleep was not so great.

So despite all of that and feeling a little sluggish today, I added 20 lbs to both my Snatch and my Clean & Jerk. Woohoo!

Thanks Greg and Steve for all the help and providing this resource.
David from Santa Fe 2013-07-01
Want to say thanks as well for posting this program. This is my first Oly program that I've followed.

My results are good but not exactly what I expected. I could power snatch 135 when I started as a crossfitter but had no full squat snatch to speak of. I can snatch 115 with a full squat now. I feel like my technique is improved but it is somewhat disheartening to improve technique and snatch less then my best power snatch.

Greg Everett 2013-07-01
David -

You apparently need some serious work on something related to the snatch - likely mobility, strength and confidence in the bottom position. You certainly should not be snatching less than you power snatch.

I would suggest a more beginner level program until you bring that up, adding a lot more work in the bottom snatch position, and probably never power snatching without overhead squatting afterward until the correction is made.
David from Santa Fe 2013-07-03
Thank you for your guidance, Greg. I'll try the Strength by Feel program that you publish and I'll try to increase the load every week using the guidelines from the book "Starting Strength." I'll also put some extra mobility work time on squatting and doing some extra reps of overhead squats.

That should get it done!
James Hitch 2013-09-11
Started this program as a bit of a "come back" after a 12 week deload after competition (moving, new job, new gym kept me away). My best lifts were 110/135 in March 2013 as a 77kg. My retest to start this in June had me sitting around 93/111 (lots of strength loss, but arguably low figures due to sloppy mechanics having been away so long). By week 7 I was back to my old PR's and had I been able to finish the last 2 weeks I would have almost certainly surpassed them. Tweaked my knee and had to take the last few weeks off. Anyways... Thanks Catalyst!
Kristie Beeler 2015-03-14
Snatch went from 120# to 130#
Clean and jerk from 155# to 160#
Clean from 160# to 165#
Verry happy with this increase in just over 2 months!!
Thanks for the programming!
Jens 2015-04-13
Snatch 85kg to 92,5kg (almost did 95kg, but I am extremely happy !!!! )
C&J 100kg to 107,5kg (almost 110)
Front Squat 130 to 135 (almost 140)
Back Squat 145 to 150

Thx for the program!
Uri Steinfeld 2015-11-22
Hey Greg and Steve.

Wanted to know what your warm-up suggestion for this day is? I am a week and a half from this day and starting to set up my mind for it.

Thank you very much!
Aim to beat your best. I recommend planning out warm ups that will take you just a bit below your best and then attempting a little above to set a PR and then give yourself a chance to try more. Take your usual warm ups for training and plan out the last ones to have smaller jumps as you approach your current PR. Try not to match your previous best, always attempt above your best even if it is just by a kilo. Good luck!

Steve Pan
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