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Tuesday July 9 2013
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Kara Jerk
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nate w 2013-07-08
Question about the muscle snatch heavy single and heavy singles in general.

Is there a rough number of reps I should take to get to the heavy single? I dont not have a strong MS and I could probably hit my max in 2 reps. If I were squatting Id obviously use a lot more. Whats a good rule of thumb here?
Steve Pan 2013-07-08
You will work your way up a bit at a time, it will depend on how good they look for how many you do. If your best ends up being 50kg you won't take many reps to get there.

Make sure you are pulling the elbows high and making them legit. If the elbows drop and you press it out early it will not be considered a legit muscle snatch.
Steve Wilmot 2013-07-09
Thanks for the great site. Been lifting and been a high school strength coach for a while, but recently have been doing a lot of Olympic lifting for myself. I have been following your workout for the past couple of weeks and have been enjoying it!
Nate Forrest 2013-07-09
Muscle Snatch - skipped
Power Snatch - 135#
OHS - 145#
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