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Tuesday August 20 2013
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Brian Clean
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LS 2013-12-12
Is the muscle snatch percentage based on my 1 RM in muscle snatch ? so i need to get my 1 RM?

Steve Pan 2013-12-13
It is based on your best muscle snatch. If you don't have one you may feel out a weight that is appropriate. Make sure you are pulling your elbows high as you turn it over!
Sabina 2014-01-05
just a question! Is it ment to be a complex with The cleans? (Say; power clean + clean (3+3) x 2) or are you ment to do The power clean and clean as two seperate "lifts"?

Thank you!
Steve Pan 2014-01-06
If it is (3+3) it will be 3 power cleans then 3 cleans. If it was 3(1+1) then it would be power clean and clean alternating.
Matt 2014-01-28
I'm not clear on the PC + Clean notation. It's just 3x2 which would mean 3 reps for 2 sets, instead of the (x+x) reps for sets you normally see when there are two exercises combined. Could I get some clarification on what the particular rep scheme is for that exercise? I see the following week it is (1+2) which makes more sense.
Steve Pan 2014-01-28
Matt -

It has been corrected.
Justin 2014-07-01
What is the push press weight based off of? My best jerk or push press?
Steve Pan 2014-07-01
Justin -

It is off of your best push press.
Jesper 2014-07-08
thank you for sharing this.

I wonder if I am doing this right..

i get the amount of reps to:

pwrclean+clean = total of 12 reps

snatch ballange = total of 12 reps

push press = total of 20 reps

muscle snatch = total of 14 reps

is that correct?

I know you through in aditional situps+barbell row, but am I finished doing weightlifting that day?

Steve Pan 2014-07-09
Jesper -

That is correct.
Trey 2014-09-24
For the 5x4 push press do we drop the weight on the blocks and reset for every push press? Or do we stay under the weight for the entirety of the set? I also ask the same question when it comes to jerks.
Steve Pan 2014-09-24
If you are able to you can lower them to the shoulders each time. If the weight is too heavy or you are unable to lower the bar, then dropping the weight to the blocks to reset for each rep is acceptable.
Trey 2014-09-24
Sounds good thanks for the clarification.
David 2015-02-02
What should the load/weight be like or feel for the 12 barbell row?
Steve Pan 2015-02-02
Find a weight that works for 12 reps that are perfect.
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