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Wednesday October 17 2007
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Danielle from FIT in Los Altos, CA at the CA weightlifting clinic in Fallbrook
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mrjling/Jonas 2007-10-17
Very good day. Woke up with a working knee this morning(most likely meniscus probs) so I did the Front Squats and stuff. Painless.
Front Squats 55kgx3x5
Muscle Snatch 30kgx3 35kgx3 40kgx3
Rack Jerks Snatch Grip 40kgx3x3
3rds of
10 Hip Extensions w/20kg on Roman Chair
10 Overhead Situps w/2x10kg DB
10 Deadhang Chinups
Martin Schap 2007-10-17
Front squat- 205x3x5
Clean pull- 240x3, 255x2, 270x2
Rack jerk behind neck- 195x1, 185x1x3

10 2-arm DB hang power snatch- 25# DBs
20 pull-ups
30 knee tuck jumps with downward arm swing- tried to make these very explosive and aggressive

Scotty Hagnas 2007-10-17
FS: 197.5x3x3x3x3x3
JBN:up to 165x1;backed down to 155x1x1 Overhead work seemed weak today.
WOD as Rx'ed.
10 2 arm DB snatch 20#
20 pullups
30 Ballslams 26#
mrbourgot 2007-10-18
Front Squat 90kg x 3 x 5
Clean pull 95kg x 3, 100kg x 2, 105kg x 2
Rack jerk behind the neck worked upto 80kg. Fatigue and unfamiliarity kept it low.

No met con, I'd already done a muay thai class.
Bradford Green 2007-10-18
Day behind...
FS: 145x3x5
Clean Pull: 165, 175, 185
Rack Jerk: 135 (stopped after that, back felt funny)

No time for metcon
DougM 2007-10-19
Front Squat: 137x3x5
Clean Pull: 127x3, 135x2, 142x2
Rack Jerk b/n: 95, 105, 115, 125, 130, 135

Did 3 sets of 7 pullups, 10 knee-to-elbows
ec 2007-10-19
made this up today.

fs @125#
cln pull 115, 135, 155# (waaay over cln % but felt light)
jerks were rack jerks (cfb wod) - 140# but it was a press out. not moving fast enough. hit 135# pretty easy, though.

did my own uber short metcon
3 rnds
20 wallball 20#
5 clapping pushups
10 24" box jumps

no stopwatch... but obviously pretty short
joe wheeler 2007-11-19
fs 75kg x 3 x 5
cln pull x 3 @ 75-80-85kg
push jerk up to 85kg (I know, I jelled and forgot I was supposed to do rack jerks bnk)

metcon: 3 rounds
10 2-arm DB snatches w/12kg DBs
20 jumping ring pull-ups
30 situps
not timed but slower than I had expected.
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