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Thursday September 19 2013
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Tamara Snatch Pull
  • 3-Position Snatch - 78%x1x5
  • Snatch Pull - 98%x4x5
  • Snatch Push Press - 81%x5x5
  • Good Morning - 30%x6x3 (% of Back Squat)
3 sets; no rest:
12 Back Extensions
15 Reverse Crunches

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JP 2014-01-27
Is there a typo in the snatch portion for today?
Steve Pan 2014-01-28
Sorry, it has been corrected.
JP 2014-01-29
Oh thank god
Elsa 2015-03-15
Is this really supposed to be a 3 position snatch instead of 2 position?
(based from I saw in the Wednesday's 2 position clean [sept 18,2013 workout day]?

Steve Pan 2015-03-16
It should be 3-Position for both.

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