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Saturday October 20 2007
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Sage prepares for a PR snatch attempt
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Derek 2007-10-20
Snatch up to 101 LB's
Clean and Jerk up to 151 LB's
Front Squat 200 LB's (NEW PR!! and one of my goals for the end of the year)

I just wasn't explosive today so I went with what I had. Might be do to the fact that I have been on the west coast all week and it felt like 3 in the morning when I was working out.

On the snatch I tried a new grip that was even wider than what I have been using. I put my hands all the way out to the end of the bar. The pull felt good and so did getting under the bar but the support was totally different and I need to play with that hand position in some overhead work.
Peter 2007-10-20

65,95,135,155,165(PR),170(PR),175(PR), 180x3(F)

135,185,205,215x2(F),215, 220x5(F), 220(PR)

I put everything I had into the first two lifts so I omitted front squats.

Snatches felt great. Pulls felt fantastic but the hard part was receiving the bar. Almost got 180lbs but my arms buckled and lost it behind.

Cleans were a totally different story. Pulls felt horrible which messed up everything else. Realized I wasn't finishing my second pull before I was trying to get underneath it. Finally just pulled the crap out of 220 and managed to stand up w/ it. It was ugly, but I got it overhead.

Thanks alot Greg for putting these WODs together. I'm now 5lbs off my long term goals for each lift (180 Sn and 225 C&J), and I feel confident I can hit those in another month or two. My conditioning hasn't taken a dive either like it usually does when I focus on lifting.
mrjling/Jonas 2007-10-20

I missed the last Back Squat max effort so I focused on that.
Back Squat
85kgx1(old pr) good lift all the way
90kgx1(PR) good tempo down and good depth, but slow up... nice

Muscle Snatches cause I suck.
Worked up to 45kg. Next time I should probably just do real snatches and go down in weight.
Overhead Situps w/25kg bumper x10x3
ChrisC 2007-10-20

After a long warm up due to working midnights I was able to pull from my reserve.
Snatch 67.5kg PR.
C&J 85kg wasn't aggressive at all nor committing to getting under the bar.
Front Squat 110kg PR

I'm still having trouble with the hook grip for my snatch. PR attempts I don't use it. Need to keep doing technical work to feel more confident.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-10-20
Snatch up to 110x1 (lbs.) It's an easy pull, but trouble to committing to getting under it. Pull form has improved.

C&J: up to 170X1 -easy; but 180 didn't go up. The clean was easy, overhead seemed weak. Did a 195 clean, tried 205 but failed.

FS: Up to 245x1 PR for the FS

15" cumulative straddle planche time.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-10-20
Glad to see that you made it back, Derek. Thanks for dropping in for lunch.

Nice lifting!
DougM 2007-10-21
M/38/5'11"/170 lbs

Snatch: up to 105 lbs (pr)
C&J: up to 140 lbs (pr)
Front Squat: up to 170 lbs (pr)

Snatches felt a little better than last week. I concentrated on getting a good solid pull to help take some of the pressure off of having to drop low really fast.

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