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Sunday October 21 2007
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Dutch tire flip
Rest Day

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Peter 2007-10-20
Would you still recommend the cold plunge on a rest day? I've done them before but only immediately following a workout. Cold plunge or contrast showers? Thanks.
Greg Everett 2007-10-20
I'd recommend both - cold plunge and contrast - but I'd take cold over contrast if I had to choose.
Derek 2007-10-21
The tomorrow button is missing. I will be traveling so I was hoping to get it in today if possible. Thanks.
Greg Everett 2007-10-21
Derek - The tomorrow link only appears if there's a workout posted for tomorrow. It's up now.
Peter 2007-10-21
Greg, I'm going to go ahead and do both.

Would you mind sharing your rationale behind choosing the cold over the contrast? Thanks.
Derek 2007-10-21
Greg you are the man. Thanks for putting it up.
Greg Everett 2007-10-21
Peter - Because inflammation seems to be more common and/or more of a problem than muscle tightness. Personally I go for whatever seems most appropriate at the moment.
Eric Jones 2007-10-21
Rest is exactly whats needed after Coach Burgener's seminar in Ann Arbor yesterday...whew!

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