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Tuesday October 23 2007
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Joe 2007-10-22
Stay safe and remember..."Put the shit on the hot shit" Naval firefighting 101.
Peter 2007-10-22
Stay safe. Good luck.
Joe 2007-10-22
That should be the wet shit.
Joe Wheeler 2007-10-22
Ya'll stay safe. I saw that Coach B might have to scramble, too. Somebody do a rain dance.
Tim 2007-10-23
Stay safe you guys. Perhaps it is time for a field trip to NorCal S&C.

Best wishes to Greg and Aimee and Coach B, and to everyone who is caught up in these fires. The winds and heat have been unreal up here in the passes; hopefully by Wednesday they will begin to subside. Will keep my fingers crossed for you down there.
Allen Yeh 2007-10-23
I didn't realize you guys were so close to the fires, stay safe!
Allen Yeh 2007-10-23
Since Tuesdays are usually a technique day + a metcon I think I'll just go back in the archive and pick a metcon to go with the snatches and c&J''s
ec 2007-10-23
im hoping for rain - be safe!
Alicia Zhuang 2007-10-23
Oh dear,.. be careful!! Keep us updated as to the situation!
Yoon 2007-10-23
Be safe. Hope everything turns out ok for you all.
mrbourgot 2007-10-23
Hope everything's ok with you guys. Wish I could send you some of our rain.

In kg:
Snatch: 40-45-50-55-60
60 is a pb squat snatch. pb split 70kg

C&J: 70-75-80-85-90(f)
Didn't get low enough. Pb 97.5kg

Met con from last week:

3 rounds for time of:
10 burpees
10 pull-ups
10 sandbag halfmoons (5 each side)
Time: 7.50
Derek 2007-10-23
For real Greg, fire sucks and so does evacuation.

Worked out at the spa at the Wynn today. A little pricey ($25) and no get this not one single BB in the whole freaking gym. They did have a nice set of Iron Grip DB's in Wynn red but no BB's anywhere.

DB C & J 30 X 5, 35 X 5, 40 X 5, 45 X 5

Did a little circuit of 3 rounds no rest
That Hang Snatch thing from last week where you snatch one arm then the other X 25 LB's X 10
Push Up Plus X 10
KTE's X 5
Inlcine SU +25 LB's X 5
Roman Chair BE's +25 LB's X 5

Nothing to fancy just nice to get up and get going. Tomorrow I will be in PHX and will visit a real gym.
Leonid S. 2007-10-23
Stay safe Greg!
Allen Yeh 2007-10-23
chin-ups - 7, 7, 3
foot mobility drills ~25m
hip abduction quadruped- 8 L/R
standing Y,T,W,L - 8 all
quadruped posterior rocking - 8L/R
hip adduction sidelying - 8L/R
glute bridge - 10
rotational fallout - 6L/R
ring work - 5 minutes - various things
Burgener warmup-45 x 1

snatch - 45 x 3, 95 x 2, 115 x 1, 115 x 1, 115 x 1, 115 x 1, 115 x 1
(60 seonds rest)

clean + jerk (L/R indicates foot +# indicates pressouts at the top of the jerk)- 115 x 1L/R + 6, 135 x 1L/R + 5, 175 x 1R + 5, 175 x 1R + 5, 175 x 1L + 5, 175 x 1L + 5, 175 x 1R + 5,
(60 seconds rest)

1-arm DB bench press - 55 x 12L/R, 55 x 12L/R
Pallof press - 90 x 12L/R, 100 x 12 L/R
(superset - full rest - 60 seconds)

soft tissue work w/ lacross ball - 30 sec L/R - calf, glute, quad, chest
death stretch - 2 x 30 secL/R

DB swing (overhead) - 55# - 30 in 2.5 minutes

-CA WOD 10/23
-Snatch - Felt better, still having problems with the 3rd pull
-Clean+jerk - Not bad, jerks could be crisper
-DB swings - I haven't done 2-arm db swings in a while, did not care for it, much prefer 1 arm or kb swings.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-10-23
We wish you guys the best - may you all return safe and sound.

Snatch: 100x1x1x1x1x1 form and confidence improving.
C&J: 165x1x1x1x1x1 Cleans easy, jerk improving.
Hit some side cleans with the clubbell, then a few multi-directional pistols and cossack squats. Soft tissue work and a good session of stretching sequences.
Shaf 2007-10-23
Don't drink all of Chief Gray's Tecate.
Martin Schap 2007-10-23
Snatch- 135x1x5
C&J- 175x1x5

Hope you come through ok. News is making it look pretty terrible out there. Being from Indiana, it is difficult to imagine something like those fires.
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