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Saturday November 9 2013
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Steve Jerk
  • Snatch - Max
  • Clean & Jerk - Max
  • Front or Back Squat - Max

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Clifton 2014-06-30
Pretty good results, still working on form as I am just starting out.

Snatch: 61kg->79kg->18kg PR
Clean & Jerk: 90kg->102kg->12kg PR
Back Squat: 120kg->143kg->23kg PR

This was a great cycle, I stuck with it as much as I could, had a baby half way through but still made it in!
Michael Maher 2015-03-07
Finished the cycle on 3.06.15 with the following results:
Snatch @ 181, PR @ 185
Clean n Jerk @ 240, PR @ 250
Back Squat @ 335, new PR by 5#
Overall I followed the weights and the program to the letter. Only two days in separate weeks where I failed the front squats. In one case I dropped weight and maintained volume.
Feel like my results on power movements were sub par from mental. Had been a long time since I put something up close to those weights and beforehand was doing a fitness program where I was regularly doing 90%+ each week @ lower volume.
Have enjoyed the program and I can tell that I have gotten stronger. Think I need more technique work and more experience being under something heavy for me.

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