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Friday October 26 2007
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Sage cleaning
-Snatch - work singles up to 60% - 3 sets
-Clean & Jerk - same as snatch

If your legs are feeling tired/under-recovered, power snatch and power clean instead.

Post numbers and questions to comments.

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Kyle S. 2007-10-25
I hope you enjoy our rain Greg. So looking forward to the seminar.
Jesse Woody 2007-10-25
Woot, can't wait for the seminar, see you guys tomorrow!
Derek 2007-10-26
On our way!
Martin Schap 2007-10-26
Snatch- 94x1x3
Clean and Jerk- 126x1x3
Scotty Hagnas 2007-10-26
Snatch - 70x1x3
C&J - 115x1x3
Power versions, legs still a bit spicy.

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