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Saturday October 27 2007
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Mike the Medic
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mrjling/Jonas 2007-10-27

Only had time for the Front Squats before gym closed. Got a PR though!
Front Squats:
30kgx4, 35kgx3, 40kgx3, 45kgx2 (change weight rests)
50kgx1, 55kgx1, 60kgx1 (1.30 rests)
65kgx1 (3-4min rest from here)
70kgx1 (old PR)
75kgx1(failed-too psyched)
75kgx1 PR (easy actually, hmmm)

Eric Jones 2007-10-27
Body Weight: 165

Snatch: 155lbs

Clean & Jerk: 195
Clean: 205

Front Squat: 245
Bradford Green 2007-10-27
Snatch: 115 PR

After 2 weeks of relative inactivity
Scotty Hagnas 2007-10-27
Snatch - 125 lbs. PR w/good form; I snatched 130 once in '06, but it was a mess.
C&J - 192.5 PR
Front Squat - 260 PR, up 15 lbs from last week, 25 from last month.
Clean and Press for fun - 137.5 x1 This was weak, tiring out at this point.

Foam roll/stretching after, joint mobility and cold shower later.
Derek 2007-10-27
After 2:30 hours of snatches I easily got under 115 LB's but couldn't stand up. Felt kind of funny sitting in the hole with all those people watching. either I was more tired than I thought after all the drilling or I need to do more overhead work. Probably both.

Great class today Greg.
ChrisC 2007-10-27
PR in all three today. I gave myself two days off.

Snatch - before 67.5kg, today 77.5kg
C&J - before 92.5kg, today 95kg
Front Squat - before 110kg, today 115kg

I felt really good today but was very hesitant on getting under the bar with the C&J. The mind plays tricks on you sometimes. Can't wait for the Bulgarian approach. Not sure what it is but Greg has consistently given me gains.
DougM 2007-10-28
M/38/5'11"/170 lbs.

Bad workout today. This proves that weightlifting is at least 50% mental.

Snatch: Matched PR of 105lbs, but so uncoordinated that I power snatched it. Almost fell on my a$$ several times on lower weights.

C&J: My PR is 140 lbs., but I couldn't even clean 135 today. Pull was strong, but couldn't get a good catch.

Front Squat: 175 lbs. (pr). These felt pretty good, which shows my strength isn't the issue.

I need to work on the catch.

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