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Monday October 29 2007
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mrjling/Jonas 2007-10-29
Snatch 35kgx1x5 (30sec rests)
Clean&Press 40kgx1x5 (30sec rests)
Front Squat 55kgx2x2, 60kgx2x1 (1 min rests)

Some shoulder rotational work, and some pullups.
Jen 2007-10-29
We loved having you in the DC area. Thanks for your time and help!
Allen Yeh 2007-10-29
foot mobility drills
ankle mobility drill- multi planar x 5L/R
leg swings side to side + front to back - 10L/R
split squat - 5L/R
lateral squat - 5L/R
rotational squat - 5 L/R
arm swings - forward, backward - 10 each
wall slide 10
x-band walks - 5L/R

"big-kids" muscle up skill work - 5 minutes - dead hang w/ false grip and transition
ring dip - full ROM + full extension -3, 3, 3
ring pullup - w/false grip 2, w/false grip 2, 3

burgerner warmup- 45 x 1
snatch - 45 x 3, 95 x 2, 125 x 1, 125 x 1, 125 x 1, 125 x 1, 125 x1
(rest 30 seconds)

clean and jerk - 45 x 1L/R, 95 x 1L/R, 125 x 1L, 165 x 1R, 165 x 1L, 165 x 1R, 165 x 0, 165 x 0
(rest 30 seconds)

front squat - 45 x 3, 195 x 3, 195 x 3
(rest 60 seconds)

-Mobility drills from Mike Boyles Latest artice- felt pretty good, not the same as I have been doing but same ideas behind it.
-muscle up work - false grip = pain
-CA WOD 10/29
-burgerner WU - concentrated on what I learned this past weekend from Greg. 3 dips, 3 dip to high pull, 3 muscle snatches, 3 "jumps", 3 high hang power snatches, 3 high hang snatches
-snatch - Felt good
-Clean + Jerk - Felt good but missed the last 2
-Front squat - Not a "heavy weight but was trying to keep my hips in so that felt a bit weird.
Jay Cohen 2007-10-29
Thanks for coming out to East Coast. Workshop was great, really helped my understanding of the lifts.
Have a great week
Jay Cohen
Western PA.
Peter 2007-10-29
Sn=worked up to 130lbsx1x5
C&J=worked up to 183lbsx1x5
paul 2007-10-29
No tomorrow any more?
Aimee 2007-10-29
greg will have his computer up soon, and tomorrows will be a' plenty.
he has been at the seminar in Washington all weekend, and all last week we were evacuated from our house. So please be patient, and everything will be back to normal in the next couple days!
paul 2007-10-29
Thanks Aimee, not impatient, just thought the tommorow feature got tossed, I like it! All the best.
Aimee 2007-10-29
The tomorrow feature disappears when a workout has not been added for that date. It is a fabulous feature!
Thanks for doing the workouts!
Scotty Hagnas 2007-10-29
Sn: 95x1x5
C&J: 145x1x5
FS: 195x2x3

Felt quick, good technique today.
DougM 2007-10-30

Burg W/Ux3

Snatch: 65x3 pos, 75x1x5
C&J: 95 (high hang), 95x1, 105x1x5
Front Squat: 135x2x3

Really concentrated on form and getting under the bar.

Did CFit workout "using a running clock, do 1 pullup the first minute, 2 the second minute..."

7 rounds x 4
Alicia Zhuang 2007-10-30
Snatch - 75% X 1 X 5 - 15kg
C&J - 75% x 1 x 5 - 30kg
Front squat - 75% x 2 x 3 - 30kg

Derek 2007-10-30
One day behind recovering from the seminar. All work in LB's.

B W/U, B W/U w/ 45 LB's

SN 45 X 3, 65 X 2, 85 X 1 X 5
C & J 85 X 2, 135 X 1, 140 X 1, (WTF my math is all screwed up) 125 X 1 X 3
FS 125 X 3, 150 X 2 X 3
Press 65 X 8, 85 X 4, 105 X 2

I am still all kinked up from travel, walking DC and the seminar. On the 2nd or 3rd SN set my upper traps went into lock down. That made for a miserable remainder of SN and C&J. FS's felt really good and stronger than normal. Miscalculated on the C&J which was funny I did the 140 and went man this just doesn't feel like 75% and it wasn't. It is amazing what you don't know that you think you do today my technique felt spot on and I focused on the cues Greg gave us in DC.

Attending the seminar was the best thing I have ever done for my lifting.
Leonid S. 2007-11-19
Sn 62.5 kg x5
C&J 82.5 kg x5
FS 90 kg x5.

All felt good and light.
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