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Tuesday March 11 2014
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Tate Power Clean
  • Power Snatch - 60%x2x3, 70%x1x3, 80%x1x3
  • Power Clean & Jerk - 60%x2x3, 70%x1x3, 80%x1x3
  • Box Jump - 3x3
3 sets; no rest:
10 Back Extensions
10 Sit Ups

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Steve R 2014-03-11
Competed this past Sunday. PR's my snatch 7K.

Caught my opening clean deep in the throat, stood up, dipped to jerk, woke up on the floor - I passed the fuck out.

I've experienced this before. Any thoughts?
Steve R 2014-03-11
Correction: I've never experienced this before.
Daniel 2014-03-13
Hey Steve! That is "normal". DonĀ“t set the bar on your arteries. It will blood-chocke you within 3 seconds. I have the bar to close when I go for Clean PRs. Make sure to lift your elbows and set the bar on your deltoids instead of the throat. ;)
Cheers, Daniel
kecks 2014-03-18
happens. try to really meet the bar during the turn over and pull under and not just jumping into bottom position and hoping for the best, while the bar crashes down on you and possibly chokes you out. but it really happens to all of us. sucks, but oh well...

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