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Thursday March 27 2014
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Danielle Snatch
  • Front Squat + Jerk - 80% x (2+1) x 5
  • Snatch High-Pull + Hang Snatch - 70% x (1+1) x 5
  • Power Clean - 75%x2x5
  • Jump Squat - 80%x3x5
3 sets; no rest:
12 DB Press
12 DB Bent Row

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Ward 2014-03-26
What are we basing our jump squat percentage from ? 1rm jump squat ?
Brian 2014-03-27
Hi Catalyst. I don't have jerk blocks or a power rack. Could anyone suggest an alternative exercise to the jumping squats that I could do? Cheers!
Greg Everett 2014-03-27
Ward -

% of back squat
Greg Everett 2014-03-27
Brian -

Use about 25% of your best back squat and do a full back squat with a jump at the top. Do the reps continuously (i.e. land and immediately sit into the next squat).
Brian 2014-03-27
Cheers Greg!
Ward 2014-03-27
Thanks Greg !
Richard 2014-04-01
Hi Greg and Steve,

I'm noticing a pattern for the complexes done off a percentage. It seems as though we are to take a percentage of the first lift of the complex but it looks like here we should go off of the jerk here. 80% of my FS exceeds my measly jerk.

Steve Pan 2014-04-01
That is correct you will take 80% of your jerk.
Robert 2014-07-24
Should this weight for the jumping squat be challenging? Based off previous comments it was 25% of heaviest racked back squat, which I felt I could have done all 5 sets continuous and unbroken.
Steve Pan 2014-07-25
Robert -

The jump squats will be lighter if you don't have jerk blocks or a cage to perform them in.
Robert 2014-07-25
Steve- So if I have a rack with the safety bars then use the prescribed percentage from your back squat?
Steve Pan 2014-07-28
Robert - Yes.

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