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Monday March 31 2014
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Aimee Close Grip OHS
  • Clean + Front Squat + Jerk - 75% x (1+1+1) x 2, 80% x (1+1+1) x 3
  • Snatch Deadlift + High-Hang Snatch + Snatch - 70% x (1+1+1) x 2, 75% x (1+1+1) x 3
  • Halting Clean Deadlift (upper thigh) + Finish - 100%x3x2, 103%x3x3
  • Back Squat - 78%x6, 83%x1,  78%x6, 86%x1, 78%x6, 88%x1
Week 2 of 12

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Toby 2014-03-31
Hey guys. Just wondering with conditioning work, are we able to mix it up and use things from your other programmes or should be kept strictly to what it says at the end of each session? Also if none is mentioned are we able to add it in?

Many thanks
Steve Pan 2014-03-31
I wouldn't recommend adding conditioning work to these programs. They are designed to be stand alone.
Toby 2014-04-01
Sorry, it was more to do with the 8 week general cycle or the 12 week basic cycle?
Steve Pan 2014-04-01
My comment applies to all cycles posted. Please read the Program Help section to the right and the section "Combining it with..." If you go in the archives some of the cycles from 2009 and earlier will have more conditioning work.
Toby 2014-04-01
Thanks Steve. Much appreciated
Robert 2014-07-28
Is it safe in complexes to say for numbers to use the lowest lift? Ie halting clean deadlift, using the clean weight?
Steve Pan 2014-07-28
It is usually % off of the classic lift associated with the exercises. Clean % for the halting deadlifts above.

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