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Wednesday April 2 2014
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Spencer Clean
  • Snatch - 75%x2x2, 80%x2x3
  • Clean Deadlift + High-Hang Clean + Clean - 70% x (1+1+1) x 2, 75% x (1+1+1) x 3
  • Halting Snatch Deadlift + Finish - 100%x3x2, 103%x3x3
  • Front Squat - 78%x3, 83%x1, 78%x3, 86%x1, 78%x3, 89%x1
  • Muscle Snatch - 5x3 (medium weight)

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Marc 2014-04-02
For a guy coming from a strenght background but who still can't snatch well.. ( I can do halting snatch deadlifts with 140kg but cant snatch 80kg yet) is this cycle maybe too advanced ? What would you recommend ?
Steve Pan 2014-04-02
Marc -

This cycle should be okay. Make sure you are hitting good positions and making good movements in the olympic lifts.
Marc 2014-04-02
OK. Thanks a lot Steve. It just seemed weird to do those halting snatch deadlifts at such a low weight since 100% of my snatch is still nothing lol.
Steve Pan 2014-04-03
Halting deadlifts are more about reinforcing good positions and movement through that pull than they are about the weight. You will load up more for pulls.
Greg Everett 2014-04-05
Marc -

You can adjust DL and pull weights up if appropriate, but as Steve alluded to, don't take the weights beyond what you can do with correct posture and positions, or you're defeating the purpose.

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