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Monday November 5 2007
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DC weightlifting clinic at Primal Fitness
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ChrisC 2007-11-05
I'd like to put on just a bit more functional mass. After the Bulgarian phase, will a rep range of 5-6 make me lose strength or cause me not to gain strength as much as the 1-3 range?
Greg Everett 2007-11-05
Chris -

No, it will just will kill you. There's no way you'd be able to manage that kind of volume with this kind of intensity. What I'd recommend is keeping this phase the way it is and maintaining your weight, then experimenting with a 5-6 rep range in the following strength phase. They alternate every 4 weeks.
ChrisC 2007-11-05
I'm sorry for the confusion. I did mean after this phase. The current WODs have been the most demanding by far on my joints. Although my strength feels great! About to start Todays WOD.
Greg Everett 2007-11-05
Oh, my fault - I don't read well at this time of the morning. Yes, try upping the reps during the next phase, but monitor your recovery closely. Obviously you'll have to drop the RXd % for those lifts, but feel it out. You should maintain strength fine, and you should continue gaining it, although not quite as much as you would with the lower reps / higher intensity.
Xi Xia 2007-11-05
Hi Greg,

What's your opinion on Jump Squats with low and/or high weight? The literature looks like it is a promising exercise for developing power. Thanks for the WODs. Had no idea O-lifting could be this demanding on the body!

Greg Everett 2007-11-05
Xi -

I like them. I think they're a great exercise for athletes or teams who have neither the facility to perform or time/resources to learn the classic lifts. Also good for experienced lifters, particularly those with weak jerk drives.
Allen Yeh 2007-11-05
thoracic mobility - 5 each
ankle mobility drill- multi planar x 5L/R
leg swings side to side + front to back - 10L/R
arm swings - 10 forward/backward
split squat - 5L/R
lateral squat - 5L/R
rotational squat - 5 L/R
wall slide - 10
standing Y's - 10

burgerner warmup- 45 x 1, 45 x 1
OHS - 45 x 10
snatch - 45 x 3, 95 x 2, 115 x 1(power), 115 x 0, 145 x 0, 135 x 0, 135 x 1(hang), 135 x 0, 135 x 1(hang)
(rest 60 seconds)

clean and jerk - 95 x 1L/R, 135 x 1L, 135 x 1R, 185 x 1R, 185 x 1L, 185 x 1L, 185 x 1clean missed jerk
(rest 60 seconds)

front squat - 95 x 3, 145 x 1, 195 x 1, 225 x 3, 225 x 2
(rest 90 seconds)

"big-kids" muscle up skill work - 5 minutes - dead hang w/ false grip and transition
ring dip - full ROM + full extension -3, 3, 1
ring pullup - w/false grip 1, 3, 3
ab wheel rollout - standing on declinex 2, kneeling x 5

-Mobility drills from Mike Boyles Latest artice- felt pretty good, not the same as I have been doing but same ideas behind it. Thoracic felt a bit odd
-CA WOD 11/05
-burgerner WU - concentrated on what I learned this past weekend from Greg. 3 dips, 3 dip to high pull, 3 muscle snatches, 3 "jumps", 3 high hang power snatches, 3 high hang snatches
-snatch - Felt HORRIBLE AGAIN! The first pull is really screwing me up on this, from the hang I had no problems gettign 135, from the ground I kept missing the "catch" and the bar was too far forward. UGH
-Clean + Jerk - The cleans felt good, the jerks felt crappy, I wasn't going deep enough, my left hip flexor was tight all day.
-front squat - first set of 3 felt fiine, only did 2 on the last set as I descended and forgot to take a breath before. oops
-big kids muscle up work - the false grip = suck but I will get it!
Derek 2007-11-05
I can't believe that we have 3 more weeks of this kind of training. I pray my body adapts quickly.

3 Minutes Rowing
45 X 3 HPSN
Snatch 61, 81, 91, 97.5 X 4
C&J 97.5, 115, 135, 141.5 X 4
FS 115 X 3, 170 X 2 X 3

All my joints just feel abused. My ITB feels like it used to when I ran multiple 10 K's on the weekend. They are on fire. Timing seemed better as I was able to finish in just over 45 minutes today.
ChrisC 2007-11-05
Here is a question. What's the rest period between sets? How many warmup sets before your % for the day?

PS. My bones hurt! Ha.
pete 2007-11-05
FS=212x2x1(ran out of time)

Snatch felt terrible. I have a feeling I am swinging it away from my body. C&J/FS felt great.

To all who are having a tough time recovering, I highly recommend the cold plunge immediately post-workout. After Greg answered my question about cold plunge vs contrast shower, I started doing a cold shower immediately following my workouts. When I do this I feel so much more recoverd. I skippped it on Sat and definetly felt it later that day and on Sunday. Thanks for the suggestion Greg.
Alicia Zhuang 2007-11-05
SN 25kgx1x4
C&J 37.5kgx1x4
FS 40kgx2x3

Haha same here Derek - I hope my body adapts quickly. It feels strange and interesting.. that I seem to be doing so little work yet my body is tired.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-11-05
Sn: 105xmissx1x1x1 Felt sketchy on these today.
C&J: 165x1x1x1x1
FS: 220x2x2x2
DL 345x2;Speed DL 290x3
Leonid S. 2007-11-26
Sn 70x1x4
C&J 92.5x1x4
FS 102.5x2x3

Front squats felt the worst. Snatches were ugly, but no misses.
Cleans were okay and jerks were excellent!
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