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Thursday April 24 2014
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Jes Clean
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Adrian 2014-04-23
Someone please tell me if the 85% is off the jerk or off the front squat?
Adrian 2014-04-23
Unless, for some reason, your jerk is abnormally higher than your front squat, you're definitely doing 85% of your jerk.

Personally, I can't jerk anywhere near 85% of my FS.
Andrew 2014-04-24
Or is it 85% of our 1rm for the complex because 2 weeks ago we found it?
Adrian 2014-04-24
I used 70% of front squat last week. So anyway I just used 10lbs more ribs week which was 245. Last week it was 235. But I think Andrew is right on this one.
Steve Pan 2014-04-24
It should be 85% of your jerk.
Adam 2014-04-24
I used the 85% of my jerk for the complex
Adam 2014-04-24
instead of the 3 set workout I did a 8min Amrap 12 pull ups 12 GHD got rough I only hit 5 rounds
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