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Monday May 5 2014
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Audra Clean
  • Clean & Jerk - 3RM (2+1)
  • High-Hang Snatch + Snatch - 80% x (1+1) x 5
  • Clean Deadlift - 115%x3x5
  • Back Squat - 83%x4, 88%x1, 83%x4, 91%x1, 83%x4, 93%x1
Week 7 of 12

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Michael K. 2014-05-04
Without giving my own guess, I will be the first to ask for details on the "3RM (2+1)" of the C&J. Is it the same as a Max 2+1, or are we looking for the heaviest weight at which we can do three sets?

Ok ... For kicks, I will guess (and hope) it to be the former.
Steve Pan 2014-05-05
That is correct. Heaviest 2+1 clean + jerk.
Robert 2014-09-08
On complexes where there are a higher position first then a lower position or snatches today, should they be touch and go or are you allowed to regrip before the full snatch?
Steve Pan 2014-09-08
Always reset for each rep, never touch and go.

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