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Thursday May 8 2014
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Brian Jerk
  • Front Squat + Jerk - 2RM (1+1)
  • Snatch High-Pull + Hang Snatch - 80% x (1+1) x 5
  • Power Clean - 2RM
  • Jump Squat - 88%x2x5
3 sets; no rest:
8 DB Press
8 Pull Ups

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Stan 2014-05-08
Quick question: Is the front squat from the rack? Or do I clean, perform a front squat and then a jerk? Thanks!
Jeremy 2014-05-09
From the rack, I'd guess. Otherwise it'd be a clean + front squat + jerk complex.
Greg Everett 2014-05-09
Stan -

From the rack. If it was from a clean, the exercise would be clean + front squat + jerk.
Stan 2014-05-09
Much appreciated! Thank you!
PJ 2014-06-10
When I do RM exercises. How should I think about when I build up the weight? Reps and sets before I digg deep for that RM.
Steve Pan 2014-06-10
It depends on the exercise. For today's workout since it is 1+1 I would do the full exercise for every set. Work your way up and take smaller jumps as you get closer to what would be a PR for the given exercise.

If you are going for a RM that is higher rep for a strength exercise you may do a few less reps in the sets leading up to what would be a PR. Make sure you make a good RM for the day.
Robert 2014-09-11
What are the reasons for the jumping squats? Just explosive work? Never done them before. Fantastic cycle though.
Greg Everett 2014-09-14
Robert -
I prefer them over box jumps - more force development needed because of the small added weight, but it's still light enough that you can be very explosive, plus I believe it transfers well to the squat/clean recovery.
Robert 2014-09-15
Greg- but isn't it 88% of your back squat? For me I'm only getting
Like three inches of the ground at best.
Greg Everett 2014-09-15
Robert -

Sorry, i didn't look at the workout and was thinking of another exercise. That's normal for height. Idea is improving rate of force development etc in that final movement for the sn, cln and jerk drive.
Robert 2014-09-15
Greg- alright that makes more sense that. Thanks again for the awesome programming.

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