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Thursday May 29 2014
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Audra Jerk
  • Hang Snatch - 75%x1x10
  • Power Clean + Power Jerk - 75% x (1+1) x 10
  • Clean Pull - 90%x2x3
3 sets; no rest:
12 DB Push Press
12 Pull Ups

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Seth 2014-05-29
When doing the clean and snatch pulls for multiple reps, is it better to drop each rep or hang onto the bar for the entire set?
Jeremy 2014-05-29
Seth, 1x10 is ten singles, not one set of ten reps
Steve Pan 2014-05-29
Seth -

Jeremy is correct it is 10 sets of 1. If you are performing multiple reps it is acceptable to reset between reps, in 3-position variations I would prefer you to hold on to the bar for the set.
Seth 2014-05-29
For today, the clean pulls were 3 sets of 2, would you reset after each pull or hold on?
Steve Pan 2014-05-29
Hold on to the bar for the set. Do not touch and go.
Seth 2014-05-29
OK, thank you. Would you still do the same when the pulls are 5 reps in a set?
Steve Pan 2014-05-29
Yes, if you are able to.

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