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Tuesday June 3 2014
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Tate Halting Clean Deadlift
  • Hang Snatch - 75%x1x10
  • Power Clean + Power Jerk - 75% x (1+1) x 10
  • Snatch Pull - 80%x2, 85%x2, 90%x2
3 sets; no rest:
12 Back Extensions
10 Reverse Crunches

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Jeremy 2014-06-03
Is it acceptable to do the 1x10s EMOM?
Steve Pan 2014-06-04
I would not recommend doing it on the minute. Take your time and make good reps. Tuesday and Thursday should not be hard as the other days are difficult.
Jeremy 2014-06-04
Thanks, Steve!
JP 2014-10-06
Should these hang snatches be from the blocks if possible?
Steve Pan 2014-10-06
These should be from the hang.
JP 2014-10-06
Roger. Thank you. Been following the program and PRd on my C&J Wednesday week 10 (139) and front squat today Monday week 11 (171). Looking forward to the end of the 12th week that lines up with a meet!

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