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Wednesday June 4 2014
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Alyssa Clean Pull
  • Clean & Jerk - HS; 80% x (1+1) x 3
  • Snatch - HS; 80%x1x3
  • Pause Back Squat - 75%x3x3

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Bruce 2014-06-04
Hi, I've started to follow the workouts a few days ago. Just wanted to clarify what HS is?
Jeremy 2014-06-04
Bruce, it's heavy single. Find a heavy single then do the other reps based on a percentage of the heavy single.
Bruce 2014-06-05
Thanks, a little more help please.
Isn't the have single same as the maximum or PR then?
Greg Everett 2014-06-05
Bruce -

A heavy single is like a max for that day - it may not be anywhere near your current PR, or it could be a new PR. The real difference between an HS and a true max is that you're not peaked/tapered for an HS, so you're not usually expecting a PR, and you shouldn't be trying to kill yourself trying to make a certain lift - do what you can do that day and live to train the next day.

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