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Saturday November 17 2007
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  • Snatch - 95% x 1 x 1
  • Clean & Jerk - 95% x 1 x 1
  • Front squat - 90% X 2 X 2

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Derek 2007-11-17
Row W/U

MS 45 X 3
SN 61 X 2, 71 X 1, 81 X 1, 91 X 1, 101 X 1, 111 X M, 111 X 1 X 2
C&J 61 X 3, 81 X 2, 111 X 1, 131 X 1, 157 X CMJ, 155 X CMJ, 145 X 1
FS 135 CFS X 2, 155 X 2, 165 X 2, 175 X 2, 185 X 2

Made up ab work from Wednesday

3 Rounds of
20 36 LB KB Chops
20 S/U's
10 B/E's

Squats feel better every time I do them. The overhead stuff doesn't feel so good. My shoulders are pretty tired from yesterdays jumping ring dips. My clean mechanics are coming along very nicely. Misread the sets and did 2 at 95% on the SN.
ChrisC 2007-11-17
Hey Greg,

When are you going to get some Catalyst Athletics or Performance Menu sweatshirts? You know, for us folks who don't live in warm sunny California.
pete 2007-11-17
3 rds burgener warmup
mobility drills


Everything felt pretty good.
AW 2007-11-17
Sn: 95x1x1
Cl&J - 125x1x1
Front squat - 145X2X2
Sam L 2007-11-17
Yeah. Sweatshirts for guys that live in Mt. Laurel, NJ
Greg Everett 2007-11-17
Working on sweatshirts and some other gear. Stand by.
mrbourgot 2007-11-17
Yeah sweatshirts would be nice. It gets pretty cold over in the UK.

Xfit warm up 2x10 plus burgener w/up

Snatch: 20kgx5; 40kgx3x2; 50kgx1x2; 60kgx1; 65x1; 67.5(fx2)
C&J: 60kgx3; 70kgx1x2; 80kgx1; 85kgx1; 90kgx1
FS: 90kgx3; 100kgx2; 105x2x2

Good sesh.

Cheers, Pete
Greg Everett 2007-11-17
You guys can order sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, tanks, etc. now at cafe press.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-11-18
Sn: 117.5 x miss x1 Miss was stupid, 2nd attempt went up easy.
C&J: 182.5 x 1
FS: 235x2x2 Getting easier.

Partial straddle planche holds 5" each, 30" cumulative
Adv tuck planche pushupsx4x4x4
Freestanding handstand holdsx30"x7"x22";3 press handstands
L sit x 30" x 30"

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