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Sunday November 18 2007
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CrossFit Extreme Fitness grand opening
Rest Day

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Erwin Morris 2007-11-18
Greg thanks for doing the WOD. This was the type of program I was looking for.

DougM 2007-11-18
Burg w/u x 3

Hang snatch: 65x3, 75x3+2 OHS
Hang Clean + Jerk: 75x3, 85x2, 95x1
Back Squat: 135x5, 155x3x4

It felt good to do squats after that layoff.

At the top part of the jerk, I can feel the slightest twinge in the place where I hurt my back before (between the shoulder blades). Going to keep working up slowly.
TomD 2007-11-18
I have been doing the WOD on this site for about a week now. It is a great system, but I was wondering if someone could explain the rest day schedule to me. I was doing the normal crossfit.com WOD for about six months, and this obviously isn't just a three on one off structure.
MisterT 2007-11-18
First post - I think it's Friday/Sat. Off, like the WOD from

anyways back onto full training after rugby season, have moved to this WOD and am making gains!
Greg Everett 2007-11-18
Tom/MT -

Thurs/Sun are rest days. All that kind of info can be found here.
TomR 2007-11-18
Business travel, so no lifting for a few day. Meantime, two quick questions:
1) As a rule, can most guys jerk whatever they can clean?
2) Typically, what percentage of the c&j can most people snatch?
Greg Everett 2007-11-18
TomR -

1) No rule on that one.
2) Depends on the lifter's particular strengths/weaknesses, but generally 75-83% or so.

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