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Wednesday November 21 2007
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Front lever at NorCal Strength & Conditioning
  • Snatch - 85% x 1 x 2
  • Clean & jerk - 85% x 1 x 2
  • Front & Lateral planks - 3 x near max time
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TomR 2007-11-21
How long can a sturdy person maintain the plank position?
Derek 2007-11-21
Is everybody on holiday already?

I have been putting together some high energy mixes on my Ipod so I am not listening to the same songs every day. My main purpose was to create some higher levels of aggression through my music mix. Well this morning I learned the easiest way to increase levels of aggression was to have your PMS'ing wife work out with you. HOLY CRAP! I just smiled a lot and didn't say anything. Luckily I made it out alive.

2 Rounds of Craig Ballantyne's TT W/U with wife

MSN 45 X 3
SN 61 X 2, 81 X 2, 91 X 1, 98 X 1 X 2
C&J 61 X 2, 95 X 2, 115 X 1 X 2, 130 X 1 X 2, 140 X 1 X 2

No planks for me today thank you.

All felt good. I have a 5K that I run every year with my family tomorrow and I have to decide how hard I am going to attack it. My hip flexors are extraordinarily sore for some reason.

Happy Best Bar Night of the year to everyone.
Leonid S. 2007-11-21
Did the Oct. 31st training - 85% coincidentally. All 8 lifts (4 each) at 85% were successful.

70 kg snatch

92.5 kg c&j

What do you think Greg - can we get that snatch to 100 on the Jan cert? :D

Really liking the programming - thank you!
Greg Everett 2007-11-21
Leo - We can definitely get you a lot closer to 100. A few technique corrections and you'll add 10kg on the spot.
Leonid S. 2007-11-21
Good. It's getting better yet far away from my ohs - by more than 30 kg.
Ben Kaminski 2007-11-21
Nice lever, was it anyone we know?
mrbourgot 2007-11-21
Happy thanksgiving guys from the UK

Snatch: 20kgx5; 40kgx1x3; 50kgx1x3; 60kgx1x2
C&J: 60kgx1x3; 70kgx1x3; 80kgx1x2

Front Plank 1 min, side plank 1 min each side, rest 1 min x3

Cheers, Pete
Scotty Hagnas 2007-11-21
Sn: 107.5x1x1
C&J: 165x1x1

Only time for one round thru the planks again; traveling today.
Side L x 2:17' Side R x 2:17'
Front Plank x 4 min

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