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Saturday November 24 2007
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mrbourgot 2007-11-23
Posting a day early as it's my lady's birthday tomorrow.

Snatch: 20kgx5; 40kgx1x5: 50kg; 55kg; 60kg; 65kg; 67.5kg; 70kg(pb)

C&J: 70kgx1x3; 75kg; 80kg; 85kg; 90kg; 92.5kg; 95kg(fx2)

Pb 97.5kg but with a much better bar and with my Xfit coaches helping me out. 92.5kg is a pb at home.
Derek 2007-11-24
Went over to Crossfit Evolution to lift with Leo today.

SN worked up to 132 LB's new PR by 14 LB's missed 137 and 142, I had 137 in the bottom position and just couldn't stand up. 142 was there just didn't get it locked in at all.
C&J worked up to 176 LB's new PR by at least 16 LB's maybe a couple more. Missed 186 and 181. Cleaned both just didn't have the jerk.

Leo has video of the 132 SN but his batteries went dead on the C&J. In looking at the videos my arms are bending to soon and I need to work on my back position in the pull other than that I was pretty happy with my technique. My limiting factor is definitely strength. Every time I would lift Leo would say hey you need to squat more.

Greg thanks for the great program. I am 3 LB''s off my SN goal for the year and 11 LB's on the C&J. I am confident that after this next strength cycle I will be there.

Before I left Leo gave me some kipping instruction for my P/U's watch out world I actually understood it.
Greg Everett 2007-11-24
Nice work guys
pete 2007-11-24
Great job guys.

I'm a day behind b/c of the holidays. I'll put my numbers up tomorrow.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-11-24
Snatch: Worked up to 140x1, PR by 15 lbs. Failed to go under 145 twice, even though I pulled it just as high as 140.

Clean & Jerk: Got 210x1. PR by nearly 20 lbs. Probably was good for at least 5 more lbs - I was running out of time to lift, and decided to leave it at that for now. I couldn't believe how easy 200 was...

L sit x 33" This was weak today.

Later: 1 1/2 hr massage. QL & TFL a little tight.

Love this WOD! Looking forward to the next phase.
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