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Thursday November 22 2007
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Olympic weightlifting seminar, Fallbrook, CA 2007
Rest Day

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Champ 2007-11-21
Thanksgiving is always on Thursday bro.
Derek 2007-11-22
Now if you can pull the same thing off with Christmas and New Years that would be impressive.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Leonid S. 2007-11-22
"Murph" for me today. Might take friday off.
Shoulders are complete toast!
Leonid S. 2007-11-22
Murph as Rx'ed no vest
Good times, First Murph WOD. Happy to be under 40.
BW 214 (-7 lbs since beginning of the week)
ChrisC 2007-11-22
Taking Friday, Saturday off - Sunday will be my personal record day. I've felt extremely strong on the C&J this entire Bulgarian Cycle but my Snatch is going to be another issue. We'll see. Good Luck to all on Saturday, I hope to see everyone with new PR's! Happy Thanksgiving.

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