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Sunday November 25 2007
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Robb's a nice enough guy and a great coach; he just gets bored easily.
Rest Day

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ChrisC 2007-11-25
Today was my PR day.
Snatch before this cycle - 77.5kg / after - 82.5kg
C&J before- 95kg / after - 107.5kg

I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow. I failed at 85kg snatch multiple tries. And failed at 110kg on the Clean & Jerk. I worked up to the PR's in about 5-6 sets. Everything felt good but there's a mental side when you go up in plates.
pete 2007-11-25
PR day

500m row
mobility drills
Burgener warmup/45lbs


Snatch felt great. I was really surprised to get 190, so I said the hell w/ it and tried to hit 200lbs. Bad idea. Missing both attempts really screwed me up for C&J. My back was badly fatigued. I missed 225 and hit my second attempt at 230 only by the grace of god. I wish I had a video of it b/c it was UGLY

Overall satisfied though, since I PR'd in both lifts. I have now surpassed my long term goals of 1xBW Snatch and 1.25xBW C&J. Planning on hanging in for the next 2 cycles though and seeing what happens.

Thanks again Greg for putting all this together. Your programming has helped me to get to weights I wouldn't have thought possible 6 months ago.

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