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Thursday November 29 2007
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Rest Day

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DougM 2007-11-29
What's wrong with bowling? It's like throwing a kettlebell down the street ;)
thea 2007-11-29
are you or aimee going to AO? if so good luck lift heavy!!!!!
Dr. G 2007-11-29
Sweet, sweet rest day.

My mid-back spinal erectors need a day off--that's where KBs and front squats put the most torque on this XL torso of mine...

Looking forward to tomorrow!
Allen Yeh 2007-11-29
I may head into the gym today even if I'm sick. I'll see how I feel at noon.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-11-29
AM tune-up: Some SMR w/roll and ball, then full body joint mobility and active stretching. Finish with a cold shower.
Leonid S. 2007-11-29
If I feel (and video's show the same) - my pulls are solid yet recovery of the lifts are suffering (squat falls apart, knees cave in etc) while I still manage all the % as Rx'ed - should I switch from Bulgarian cycle to the strength cycle to build up some squatting strength and technique?
Greg Everett 2007-12-02
Leo - Give it 4 weeks and see what happens before you switch. And then it will be time to switch anyway.

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